Downtown I-65/I-70 is wearing out. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to start over—and revitalize the state’s biggest economic engine.

Let’s Rebuild It Right.

Our Opportunity

The I-65/I-70 Inner Loop in downtown Indianapolis is nearing the end of its lifespan. It must be rebuilt from the ground up. This presents us with an enormous opportunity to rethink and transform the downtown interstate paths that cut through the state’s largest economic engine—its capital city.

We appreciate that INDOT has listened to the Rethink Coalition and the community and taken major steps to revise its design for the North Split. However, we believe more must be done to benefit our communities and our economy. That’s why we’re calling upon the State of Indiana and INDOT to embrace all four of these fundamental principles:

  1. No above-grade walls.
  2. No expansion of existing number of through lanes.
  3. Increased connectivity between neighborhoods and areas of commerce divided by the interstates.
  4. Increased opportunities for inclusive economic development along the path of the interstates.

“Our vision is to take Indiana to the next level by improving transportation and quality of life.”

Marsh Davis,
Indiana Landmarks
Rethink 65/70

Coalition Members

Why 65/70 Matters

This is about more than transportation. The reconstruction of I-65/I-70 will reshape the core of our state, affecting economic development, housing and public health. This project has the potential to:

Pump adrenaline into the state’s main economic engine.
Revitalizing downtown areas will help create new economic activity, generate revenue and grow the tax base through quality-of-life based economic development.
Create a job magnet to rival any major city.
With a transformed downtown and increased livability, our region can attract and retain employers and employees alike.
Make transportation and housing fairer.
Improved walkability and transit will expand opportunities and increase affordability.
Improve air quality and public health.
Balanced development will reduce urban heat sink effect, while improved transit and walkability will reduce vehicular traffic.

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