Rethink 65/70 Coalition invites public to hear experts’ view of redesign opportunities
The Rethink 65/70 Coalition will host a presentation at Indiana Landmarks Center on November 12.

The Rethink 65/70 Coalition will host a presentation at Indiana Landmarks Center on Nov. 12, where national experts will reveal the findings of a study evaluating INDOT’s downtown interstate analysis and the potential for economic development that the interstate reconstruction could harness. The event is free and open to the public.

The Coalition hired Arup Advisors, an internationally renowned consulting company specializing in large infrastructure projects, to conduct a review of INDOT’s latest preliminary preferred alternative 4c against the Coalition’s 4 Principles, and assess the possible economic development opportunities that exist along the interstate within INDOT’s current right of way.

The Coalition developed four guiding principles: 1) no lane expansion; 2) no above-grade walls outside of the North Split, 3) enhance economic development; 4) increase connectivity between downtown and surrounding neighborhoods on the north, east and south legs of I-65 and I-70. INDOT’s new plan for the North Split meets one of the principles in having no large walls. But it calls for interstate widening in some areas. And it falls short on addressing enhanced economic development and greater connectivity for neighborhoods near the interstate.

Arup will discuss its findings at a meeting on Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. (doors open at 5:30 p.m.) at Indiana Landmarks Center, 1201 Central Avenue. The Coalition invited INDOT and representatives from local and state government agencies to preview the findings earlier that same day.

“The Arup Study has confirmed that there are significant economic development opportunities along the interstate in downtown Indianapolis,” said Marsh Davis, president of Indiana Landmarks and a member of the Rethink 65/70 Coalition. “Their projections suggest that there could be up to 10 million square feet of residential and office development along the interstate, with approximately 3,000 new residential units and over 22,000 jobs.”

“Arup is an acclaimed international firm with deep experience in transportation design. We hope Arup’s findings will help shape INDOT’s present work on the North Split and provide positive direction for future interstate redesign on the east and south legs of the downtown highway,” Davis adds.

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