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Write to INDOT and Governor Holcomb.

Let INDOT and Governor Holcomb know this issue matters to you. Here are a few talking points to keep in mind:

Concerns About INDOT’s Direction
I appreciate the major strides INDOT has taken to revise its original plan. However, I believe INDOT’s current plan for the North Split (Alternative 4C) would severely limit the potential of future construction.
The Rethink Coalition's Concept
We owe it to future generations to make the most of this opportunity. That’s why I’m asking for INDOT to revise the North Split plan so that it can accommodate a recessed, open-air interstate without significant reconstruction within the next ten years.
Why I-65/I-70 Matters
This project is bigger than the Midfield Terminal. Bigger than the Convention Center. Bigger than Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Bigger than Lucas Oil Stadium. It will define downtown Indianapolis for the next 50 years.
Economic Benefits
The Rethink Coalition’s concept for I-65/I-70 would free up 83 acres of developable land, which could eventually generate more than $2 billion in economic development and at least $55 million a year in additional property tax revenue.
The Long-Term Impact
In the future, this project will be seen as either a master stroke that spurred downtown economic development and job opportunities—or as a shortsighted quick fix to rush hour congestion that created barriers for urban economic growth and vitality.

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