The INDOT Direction

It’s true that INDOT only has immediately reconstruction plans for the North Split of I-65 and I-70. But once construction begins, the layout of the North Split will dictate the direction for the rest of the inner loop. 

The current plan would severely limit the potential of future construction—and would make it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to build a recessed, open-air interstate. We’re asking INDOT to revise this plan so that our region can experience the benefits of a recessed, open-air interstate within the next ten years—not some ambiguous, long-term future.

The Revised Design for the North Split

We appreciate the major revisions INDOT has made to improve the design for the North Split. Their changes partially address our first two key principles: 


No above-grade walls.

The current INDOT plan features walls up to 11 feet high. 


No additional through-lanes.

The current INDOT plan does not add through-lanes; however, it expands the highway by adding ramp lanes.

However, the revised design limits the potential of future construction on the north, south and east legs of I-65/I-70, and it does not address our other two key principles for reconstruction: 


Increased connectivity between the neighborhoods and areas of commerce currently divided by the interstates.

By eliminating the WB-70 Exit at Meridian and Penn, the new design drives more congestion to West Street interchange.


Increased opportunities for inclusive economic development. 

The new design offers a limited amount of additional land on the north side of the interchange; however, it does not take full advantage of the opportunity to create new developable land.

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