The INDOT Direction

We agree that the aging I-65/I-70 infrastructure must be replaced, and we appreciate the major revisions INDOT has made to improve the design for the North Split. Their changes mostly follow our first two key principles:

However, more must be done. We’re asking INDOT to continue revising its design to increase opportunities for inclusive economic development and increase connectivity between neighborhoods and areas of commerce.



Our capital city was designed to be a connected, livable grid system. But in the 1960s, a new system of interstates cut through downtown. The I-65/I-70 inner loop divided historic neighborhoods, drove out residents and local businesses, and accelerated urban sprawl. As President Eisenhower himself said, this type of project went directly against the original vision for American highways. 



The revised INDOT direction for the North Split addresses major concerns by avoiding lane expansions and above-grade walls. We’re grateful for these important changes—and we thank INDOT for listening.

However, the revised design does not address two of our key principles for reconstruction: 

INDOT’s initial plans only address the North Split, where I-65 and I-70 come together north of downtown. But once construction begins, the new structures will dictate the design direction for the rest of the Inner Loop.

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