Additional Resources

Learn more about I-65/I-70 construction, the importance of highway design, similar projects in other cities and the benefits of alternative reconstruction plans.

11 Ugly Urban Underpasses Now Functioning As Public Parks

An excellent read for the North Split Context Sensitive Solutions process.

The Highway Was Supposed to Save This City. Can Tearing It Down Fix the Sins of the Past?

Another in-depth look at the challenges of urban interstates.

Six Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever

The Rethink Coalition does not advocate a complete removal of the interstates in downtown Indianapolis; however, we can’t afford to ignore the national trend away from overbuilt interstates towards smarter traffic systems.

The Stitch: An Ambitious Proposal to Build Parks and Housing Above The Connector

Atlanta is the most recent in a string of cities to explore an innovative urban interstate—one that would create a more connected community while promoting economic development.

The Rethink Coalition’s Design and Arup Advisors’ Presentation

On November 12, 2018, the Rethink Coalition unveiled its design for I-65/I-70 reconstruction, and international transportation firm Arup Advisors released its assessment of this design’s enormous positive economic development impact.

Federal Highway Administration Hyperfix 65/70

An FHWA analysis of the 2003 Hyperfix I-65/70 shutdown. Motorists adjusted in three days. The mass congestion and traffic jams that critics predicted “never materialized.”

Los Angeles Drivers on the 405 Ask: Was $1.6 Billion Worth It?

An New York Times analysis of a recent highway reconstruction project in Los Angeles.