Additional Resources

Learn more about I-65/I-70 construction, the importance of highway design, similar projects in other cities and the benefits of alternative reconstruction plans.

The Rethink 65/70 Feasibility Study Proposal

A call for a comprehensive, objective study prepared by an independent team of engineers, urban designers, and economic development professionals.

Goals of A Comprehensive Rebuild Strategy

The reconstruction of I-65/I-70 has the potential to reshape the core of our state, affecting economic development, housing and public health.

Multimodal Boulevard FAQs

Other major U.S cities have faced with the same question of what to do with aging highway infrastructure. One promising solution to the question is a multimodal boulevard.

Federal Highway Administration Hyperfix 65/70

An FHWA analysis of the 2003 Hyperfix I-65/70 shutdown. Motorists adjusted in three days. The mass congestion and traffic jams that critics predicted “never materialized.”

Los Angeles Drivers on the 405 Ask: Was $1.6 Billion Worth It?

An New York Times analysis of a recent highway reconstruction project in Los Angeles.