Additional Resources

Learn more about I-65/I-70 construction, the importance of highway design, similar projects in other cities and the benefits of alternative reconstruction plans.

The Stitch: An Ambitious Proposal to Build Parks and Housing Above The Connector

Atlanta is the most recent in a string of cities to explore an innovative urban interstate—one that would create a more connected community while promoting economic development.

The Rethink Coalition’s Design and Arup Advisors’ Presentation

On November 12, 2018, the Rethink Coalition unveiled its design for I-65/I-70 reconstruction, and international transportation firm Arup Advisors released its assessment of this design’s enormous positive economic development impact.

Federal Highway Administration Hyperfix 65/70

An FHWA analysis of the 2003 Hyperfix I-65/70 shutdown. Motorists adjusted in three days. The mass congestion and traffic jams that critics predicted “never materialized.”

Los Angeles Drivers on the 405 Ask: Was $1.6 Billion Worth It?

An New York Times analysis of a recent highway reconstruction project in Los Angeles.